Iwaria Contest

The great celebration of african women through photography

What is it?

Iwaria Contest is a photography contest open to anyone across Africa. The purpose of this contest is to support the creation of visual content free of rights specific to the African continent.

Iwaria Contest encourages participants to create visual content illustrating the theme specific to the contest. The theme changes with each edition.

Who organizes it?

Iwaria Contest is organized by Iwaria, the largest stock photos entirely dedicated to Africa.

Context of the March 2020 edition

The theme of this 1st edition is “The beautiful and hardworking African woman”.

  • This theme calls for photos that illustrate african woman in all kinds of contemporary occupations serving as livelihoods across the African continent. These occupations can be formal as well as informal. Pictures of women working in the fields of health, education, startups or traditional crafts are highly expected.

    All photos must have been taken with a phone.

    Here are some sample photos from Iwaria that fit the theme. Do not limit yourself to these examples, give free rein to your creativity!

The contest will be held across the entire continent for one month and in the end the 3 best pictures will be rewarded.

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How to participate?

Simply click on the “Participate” button and submit your photos by completing the form. Each person can submit as many photos as he want, but only 5 photos per form submission.

All photos must have been taken with a phone.

You must be the author of the photos you submit to the contest. People appearing on the photos must be consenting and must be informed of the use which will be made of the photos.

Eligible are all photos, taken on the african continent and consistent with the theme of this edition: “The beautiful and hardworking African woman”. The nationality of the photographer is not taken into account, but in case he is one of the winners, he must be able to receive his prize in one of the African countries.

Course of the contest

  • From March 10 to 31, 2020

    Online submission of photos (the photos will be evaluated progressively by the team in charge of the contest in order to select all those eligible for the next phase).

  • Wednesday April 01, 2020

    The team in charge of the contest will prepare the second phase and will inform those whose photos have been retained for the rest of the contest.

  • From April 02 to April 09, 2020

    The photos selected for the second phase will participate in an online public vote in which people will be invited to vote for their favorite photos. Each candidate will have to mobilize his community in order to obtain the greatest number of votes on his photo.

  • Friday April 10, 2020

    The authors of the 3 photos with the most votes on April 09, 2020 at 23:59:59 will be declared the winners. The official results will be published through an article on Iwaria's blog on April 10, 2020 at 15:00.


The prizes will be shipped to the authors of the winning photos from Tuesday April 14, 2020 by DHL.

The prizes are:

  • 1st prize: Osmo mobile 3 combo
  • 2nd prize: Neewer Ring Light Kit
  • 3rd prize: UBeesize 61.4-inch Camera Tripod

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  • Is participation in Iwaria Contest free?

    Yes, like all the images on Iwaria, the contest is also free!

  • What are the criteria for a photo to be selected for the second phase?

    • The photo is taken with a phone.
    • The capture of a scene really specific to Africa.
    • The rarity or exclusivity of the scene that the photo shows.
    • The quality of the photo. Don't submit unclear, over-edited and blurred photos. The photos must have at least 1920 pixels on the longest side.

    • Please only submit photos for which you have rights and make sure that the people who appear in your photos have agreed to submit them.

  • After the contest, what will happen to the submitted photos?

    All submitted photos will be published on Iwaria at the end of the contest and available for free use under the CC0 license. We will not sell yours. Our goal is to encourage the creation of visual content that is very representative of Africa as a whole.

  • Will all submitted photos be taken into account by the team in charge of the contest?

    Yes, they will see all submitted photos and will be able to reject all those that do not fit the criteria.


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